Holland Park is Eco-friendly Hotel-Spa located in Jinja at the banks of the famous River Nile. The Spa gives visitors the best panoramic view and relaxing environment. Surrounded by lush vegetation and plenty of animal life, Holland Park is a serene place to have a dream getaway and still have memorable adventures with friends and family.

Holland Park garden provides a perfect introduction to the Pearl of Africa with all of its beauty and magical splendor. Birds-Monkeys-Flowers-Plants-Trees beyond the imagination. It is one of the top places to see in Jinja.  The garden is many years old but has become more beautiful with age. Tropical trees, plants, flowers, birds, monkeys, butterflies-it is real amazing! Take a picnic and spend a most wonderful time at Holland Park.

Accommodation at Holland Park is great in uniquely designed Hacienda and cottages built from mixed materials (wood and thatch). Overall, the style is largely European with an African touch. The furniture, the colours, and the design- everything is unique. All rooms have spectacular view to Nile River. We have a nice swimming pool and excellent restaurant also with a great view to Nile. A long and beautiful dining table runs adjacent to the Hacienda, which is invariably dressed for a full silver service meal with friends and family.

Uniquely designed, the rooms of Hacienda and Cottages are fabulous. Each possesses the same stone flooring, thatch roofs and revealed frames. The walls are broken up by well-placed windows. The en-suite bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, shower- are a joy. The beds are large and wonderfully comfortable with good quality mattresses from Europe. Each room has a terrace and an enormous outdoor barbeque place, both of which overlook the River Nile. Everything about the rooms is beautifully restrained, the work of someone with exquisite taste.

Holland Park is a great birding destination being along the mighty River Nile which is the longest river in the world. Birding along the Nile is done with a boat cruise which moves around as you enjoy different species of birds. The area around the Nile River in Jinja has over 60 bird species which can be sighted. The main bird species here include; Giant Kingfisher, Green-backed Herons, African Open-billed Storks, Rock Pratencols, falcons, Fish Eagle, Great Blue Turacos ,African shoebill among many others.

There is a lot of animal species at Holland Park including Vervet Monkeys, Dark monkeys, Dogs, Nile Lizard, Fish, Nile monitor, African sacred ibis, African common toad, Dice water snake, African softshell turtle among many others. If you love animals especially monkeys and dogs, then Holland Park is the right place to visit.

Holland Park is located near major tourist attraction sites in Jinja. The source of the famous River Nile is 3km away and we facilitate transport to our clients to go and see it. Bujjagali falls, Jinja bridge, Own falls dam are 6Km away from our place.

You can enjoy many recreational and sports activities such as Horseback riding, Quod bike safaris, mini golfing, rafting and kayaking among many others.

When at Holland Park, you get a chance to visit Jinja town which is a home to the Source of the Nile River and the adventure capital of East Africa. Jinja is the second largest city and second busiest commercial centre in Uganda. Nicknamed “The Adventure Capital of East Africa”, Jinja never disappoints. Attractions in Jinja town include The source of the Nile, Bujagali Falls, Itanda falls, islands in Lake Victoria, industries, among many others. You cannot come to Jinja and miss visiting the famous Jinja Central Market. The $13.7 million market accommodates about 7000 vendors. The market is vibrant with colourful clothings hanging in the clothing section; the food section is ripe with fresh food. It’s a place where you will find different varieties of spices, fashion design, art and crafts.

For the purpose of serving our clients better, we request you to make reservations at least two days before coming to the place.


  • -Restaurant with Gourmet food with a touch of Ugandan food. We serve Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and children Menu. We also make special orders with special food as ordered by the client. We accept exclusive orders for special events such as weddings, honey moons, birthday parties etc.
  • -All kinds of Drinks such as beers, whiskies, champagne, Wines, sodas, Cocktail Juice, Holland Park drink, water among others
  • -Excellent cozy Hacienda and cottages all self contained with Terrace, barbeque place and beautiful view of River Nile.
  • -Venue for conferences, workshops, birthday parties, weddings and many other functions
  • -Swimming pool
  • -Ample Parking space
  • -One small play ground
  • -Kitchen facilities
  • -Solar panel in all cottages


  • -Wireless Internet
  • -Accommodation
  • -Very tight security by security guards and Dogs
  • -Transport Services from Entebbe Airport and Kampala
  • -Tour and travel guide services
  • -Laundry
  • -Room Service
  • -Transport means to the source of River Nile
  • Drivers Package-UGX.20,000 for accommodation and UGX.10,000 for breakfast and lunch